Our people are our firm's lifeblood, and the backbone of our offering. We are extremely lucky to employ some of the industry's most experienced veterans, as well as some its current and future bright stars.

Joseph 144x180

Joseph Goodall


In 1989, Joseph teamed up with the late Dudley Griffiths to form GGIB. Joe began his career at insurer GRE and completed a range of insurance based qualifications. He continues to be an associate of the Australian Insurance Institute and is a QPIB. Joseph is a former director of NIBA and considers chairing the 1990 NIBA convention as one of the highlights of his prolific career. Joseph is widely regarded throughout the insurance industry as being a leader in the broking field and his reputation among underwriters speaks for itself.

John smaller

John Griffiths


John has over 33 years of experience in the insurance broking industry and joined GGIB as a director in 1989. He is a QPIB, holds a Diploma of Financial Services and is an affiliate of the Australian Insurance Institute. John Specialises in providing insurance solutions to large commercial/industrial and additionally motor fleet customers. John is also a key creative influence in the establishment of our scheme products and identifying opportunities with industry associations and buying groups.

Ben 144x180

Benjamin Goodall


Ben has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Monash University and a Graduate Diploma of Insurance from Deakin University. He has been actively involved in the company since 1994 leading to his appointment as the brokerage's General Manager in 2004. Additionally, Ben is one of our most aggressive brokers and personally manages some of GGIB's major accounts. He is also responsible for the development of the office systems and procedures, staff recruitment, business planning, financial accounting, budgeting, industry research, and ensuring compliance within the firm is held to exacting standards.

Nathan 144x180

Nathan Goodall


Nathan is a qualified solicitor who previously practiced law at national top-tier law firm Clayton Utz. He holds a bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Insurance. Nathan has also previously acted as a Sessional Lecturer at Deakin University's Master of Insurance and Risk Management Program and was responsible for co-authoring the course content to reflect the forever changing insurance landscape.

Nathan manages the sales side of the business and is responsible for motivating and directing our diverse and talented sales team to ensure the team upholds our core company values. This includes determining sales goals and strategies to maintain or exceed sales targets, ensuring the team is aware of current market trends, new products and economic pressures, managing our current scheme portfolio, devising future product/exclusive scheme development and ongoing staff training and development.

Kerrie 144x180

Kerrie Depalma

Office Manager

Kerrie joined GGIB all the way back in 2000. Due to her qualifications, skill and tenure with the firm, Kerrie has elevated herself to office manager. Kerrie is a Qualified Practicising Insurance Broker and has a Diploma Of Financial Services (Insurance Broking). Kerrie also holds a Statement of Attainment for the Advanced Diploma and has Responsible Officer recognition. Kerrie is qualified in all areas of commercial insurance and works closely with the Directors and other management.

Lorraine 144x180

Lorraine Belcher

Claims Department Manager

Lorraine is one of our most experienced staff; her wealth of knowledge and previous experience managing claims is a large asset to our firm. Having spent more than 10 years in claims management in the Insurance Broking space, Lorraine is more than equipped to handle and assist clients manage their claims. In an age when insurers themselves are providing less and less claims service and technical advice, Griffiths Goodall is able to differentiate itself by having quality claims personnel across our entire department.

Ian 144x180

Ian Simpson

Senior Account Executive

Ian has more than 30 years experience in the insurance industry, both as an insurance broker with GGIB and formerly as a branch manager of insurance companies NZI and QBE. Ian relates to clients at all levels and is dedicated to providing the best possible service to a wide range of clients. Ian holds a Diploma of Financial Services and is an Associate of the Australian Insurance Institute.

Jo Anne 144x180

Jo-Anne Foster

Senior Account Executive

Jo-Anne holds a Diploma of Financial Services and Diploma of Business Studies (Insurance). She has spent 30 years in the insurance industry in various roles. The knowledge gained while working at an international insurance broking firm in Melbourne, as a manager of a local insurer and her years spent with GGIB help her to provide the best possible technical knowledge and service to a wide variety of clients. Jo-Anne in particular works hand in hand with John and Ben to deliver solutions to some of our countries largest insurance risks.


Janine Bassett

Financial Controller

Janine comes to our firm with a host of financial and management experience in large and small organisations. Janine brings skills to ensure we remain compliant and provide an efficient transactional experience for all of our clientele. Janine brings an unparalleled enthusiasm for this area of our business and is responsible for day to day financial compliance and operational capability.

David 144x180

David Ryan

Sales Account Executive

David is a long term staffer of our office, previously spending a number of years in our claims department and externally in insurance assessment and risk management. David is in a sales account executive role, utilizing his technical experience to assist new clients manage their insurance risks. His broad knowledge also benefits the management of a rural portfolio with existing clients. David holds a Diploma of Financial Services and is eager to accommodate new clients that need assistance with their insurance needs.



Justin Crook

Account Executive

Justin works within a couple of our emerging departments, including retail, tax audit, builders warranty and others. Justin is learning the craft of our commercial broking sector, and has experience in a range of industries and companies, including the defence force, Telstra and QBE.


Michael Stephens


Michael Stephens heads our financial services area, having decades of experience in the life insurance, financial planning and general financial industries.

Griffiths Goodall Financial Services is a corporate authorised representative (No 405308) of Synchron (AFSL 243313).

Michael Stephens - Authorised Representative no: 260278


Rosanna Scarcella


Rosanna is the welcoming front of our business, managing our reception and front of house area. Rosanna brings years of client service experience to our firm, having filled very demanding roles in similar positions in the past. We are very pleased to have her in our team, she is most engaging and welcoming to all of the visitors to our office.

Amanda 144x180

Amanda Mercer

Account Executive

Amanda began her career at GGIB in 2003 and hasn't looked back. She is a Qualified Practicing Insurance Broker and has completed her Diploma in Financial Services (Insurance Broking) in full. Her long time at the firm sees her familiar with many of the firm's larger clients and her experience enables her to assist Nathan Goodall in providing excellent service standards.

Mandy 144x180

Mandy Gladman

Senior Account Executive

Mandy has worked in various capacities since commencing with our firm in 1998, spending time in broking, office management and a part time technical role. These days Mandy deploys her knowledge and skill in assisting Nathan Goodall service some of our most technical accounts, along with managing Nathan’s team.  Mandy is a welcoming member of our team, and her technical experience ensures clients receive the best possible service.

Melanie 144x180

Melanie Rachele

Account Executive

Melanie is another in a long list of staff that continue to return to our firm after career breaks due to family commitments. Melanie worked in our firm in the 90's, and now again brings years of general brokerage and administration experience to our firm. Melanie now supports Nathan and his team to provide a range of solutions and products.

Sheree 144x180

Sheree Surace

Account Executive

Sheree joined GGIB in 2000, a millennium ago when our firm was a much smaller operation. Sheree is a part time contributor these days, balancing family life and a developing career. Sheree is a Qualified Practicing Insurance Broker and assists within Ian Simpson’s team to help manage many of his domestic and wholesale accounts. Given her extensive history at our firm, her experience has proven valuable in providing this support.

Rochelle 144x180

Rochelle Mullane

Account Executive

Rochelle has vast amounts of both general insurance and insurance broking experience, having spent time on both sides of the insurance fence in her career. Rochelle has been with our firm for a number of years and has proven herself to be a valuable technician. Rochelle role sees her as one of John Griffiths' primary support technicians and providing direct service and support.

Ariana 144x180

Ariana Ngahooro

Account Executive

Ariana joined our team following a move to the Goulburn Valley area from more remote areas of our country, originally hailing from New Zealand. Ariana has years of experience in providing insurance broking solutions, and is working her way through our firm assisting in a number of strategic client service segments including our houseboat scheme. She is privileged to work alongside Nathan Goodall in learning and providing complex insurance solutions to clients, and assists the members within his team.

Jodie 144x180


Account Executive

Jodie's honed broking skills together with her great attitude made her quickly an integral part of our team. Jodie is involved in all aspects of commercial and retail insurance broking, and assists Ben Goodall to provide the required levels of service our customers demand.

Kelly 144x180

Kelly Brun

Account Executive

Kelly has considerable and varied experience in the general broking industry. Having spent the majority of her career with our firm, Kelly is highly technical and considerate of our client's requirements. Kelly predominantly assists Ian Simpson in servicing a diverse list of GGIB client's, from large truck operators to grain storage facilities.

Jakara 144x180

Jakara Lancaster

Account Executive

Jakara has recently returned to our office following maternity leave. Jakara has a keen eye for detail, and brings years of support experience to our firm. She efficiently provides this support by our entire office in administration and client service.


Crystal Handley

Account Executive

Crystal Handley started at GGIB in 2015, having previously worked in claims at IAG in Melbourne. She initially assisted within our internal claims department, and has since moved into an Account Executive role after completing her Tier 2 in Insurance Broking. She is currently working alongside Ian Simpson on a portfolio primarily consisting of grain storage and stockfeed manufacturers.  Crystal is an asset to the firm with her dedicated focus and customer oriented approach.


Samantha McLachlan

Account Executive

Samantha’s considerable administrative and customer service experience learnt in previous roles within a multinational conglomerate has proven a welcome asset for our firm. Samantha’s excellent skills have proven a hit amongst our client base and Samantha is now an account executive in Benjamin Goodall's Insurance team.


Ann Kennedy

Account Executive

Ann began employment at our firm in 2017, supporting the members of John Griffiths team in their large commercial and industrial broking space. Ann comes to our firm with decades of experience working for a large insurer, and is one of the most respected long term insurance industry members in the Goulburn Valley.


Angela Doherty

Claims Consultant

Angela brings a vast range of experience to her position as a claims consultant, previously working as a manager at a significant local accountancy. Her assertive interpersonal and negotiation skills sees her provide our clients with effective claims service and administration. Angela works closely alongside our well-practiced claims consultants providing support whilst learning the particulars of claims management.


Ella Hamilton

Administration Assistant

Ella is a very recent recruit to our firm, coming recently from the Accounting Industry. Ella will be training and assisting within Nathan's growing team, providing administration support whilst learning the intricacies of the insurance broking industry.


Paula Bamford

Administration Assistant

Paula is a very recent recruit to our firm, coming recently from the retail industry. Paula will be training and assisting within Ben's growing team, providing administration support whilst learning the intricacies of the insurance broking industry.


Amanda Heppell

Claims Consultant

Amanda has begun her employment at GGIB as the newest member of our claims team. Amanda is learning the ropes both from Lorraine and Angela and will be providing direct support to clients and the team across the entire claims function.


Maggy Caruana

Consultant - Workcover

Smart Workplace Solutions understand the expense a workplace accident has to your company’s bottom line. We know that the safety and wellbeing of you and your employees
is integral and this is why Smart Workplace Solutions makes it their business to deliver successful, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Smart Workplace Solutions is across all facets of Workers’ Compensation and Health & Safety. Their expertise includes, but not limited to Safety Audits, H & S Training, Policies &
Procedures, RTW and Injury Management, Early Intervention Programs, Workplace Wellbeing Programs and Mental Health Initiatives.

With more than 29 years of national experience, knowledge and formal qualifications Director Maggy Caruana is an accredited WorkSafe RTW Coordinator trainer, Mental
Health Awareness trainer and an Industry Forum facilitator. She can tailor the training program to suit your needs and will deliver training at the convenience of your workplace
if required. Her passion is working closely with all stakeholders to ensure agreed strategies are achieved in the most efficient way, all the while delivering
exceptional customer service.

A well-respected person in the industry, Maggy wanted to make a real difference in the workplace community, hence the set-up of her company Smart Workplace Solutions in 2013. Building and
maintaining strong client partnerships and understanding her clients’ business needs has been the key to successfully achieving the desired outcomes of reducing WorkCover premiums, costs and injuries.  

For all your safety, workers’ compensation, risk management or training needs, please contact Maggy directly on 0488 089 776 or (e) smartworkplacesolutions@bigpond.com


Heath Lane

Account Executive

Heath has recently joined GGIB as one of its newest account executives. Heath's lengthy experience in the industry is across both insurer and broking spaces, bringing an enormous amount of commercial insurance knowledge with him.

Heath will be working within all areas of the business to assist our commercial areas to provide first class service.


Neil Smith

Account Executive

Neil has recently joined our firm and the industry, having spent more than 3 decades in various risk and management roles at one of Australia's largest financial institutions.

Neil's understanding of risk and process hold him in good stead to deliver in the insurance broking industry, with a rare understanding of what is required to provide excellent results for our clients.