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PSC Griffiths Goodall are industry leaders in providing insurance solutions and risk management. We are commercially astute and work hard to understand our clients’ businesses, so we can use our expertise and experience to provide tailored solutions that align perfectly with your vision.

It is our aim to deliver effective, holistic solutions for your business.

We ensure your insurance and risk solutions are optimised to accurately reflect your risk profile, so your insurance budget is focused on the right risks, and appropriate strategies are in place to mitigate your significant uninsurable risks.

Expertise is more than technical excellence, it’s also about working in partnership with you to know what’s possible and understand what matters to you. 

We are committed to educating and empowering our clients so they have greater understanding and can make better decisions for their growth.

We strive to deliver insurance and risk solutions that give you the confidence to succeed.

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General Commercial Insurance


Each and every business has its own unique risks and set of exposures, as well as tolerance for self insured risk. GGIB are specialists in tailoring a multitude of commercial insurance products to cover a vast range of business activities.

We are highly flexible and responsive and exist to serve our customers always in their interests.,

We aim to work in close partnership with you, spending the time to understand the inner workings of your business. This will play a key role in risk identification, and ensuring your assets are fully protected.

Once we have ascertained a clear picture of your core asset and risk portfolio, we will approach the insurance market, and formulate an insurance solution that aligns perfectly with the needs of your business.

Our solutions can protect:

Your assets such as building, stock, plant and office equipment,

The continuing financial viability of your business should you have an insurable loss and,

Your legal liability for personal injury and/or damage to property caused by a negligent act of an employee whilst engaged in work activity.

Professional Indemnity

Management Liability

Personal Injury/Travel Risks

Motor Risks

Cyber Risks

We strive to provide you with an insurance solution that empowers you to plan for the future of your business with greater certainty.



Industrial Special Risks Insurance (ISR)


An Industrial Special Risks Insurance policy is suitable for medium to large organisations who engage in a diverse range of business activities, across multiple locations. Industrial Special Risk insurance is designed to protect you from damage and consequential loss to your physical assets, including buildings, stock, plant and machinery.

An Industrial Special Risk policy is a broader form of business insurance which provides a more suitable level of indemnity for organisations who have high value assets and multiple properties, generally over $5 million.

A primary benefit of an Industrial Special Risk policy is the ample level of cover it provides for your property. The policy will cover property damage to your assets by any cause not excluded under the policy. The breadth of cover available will see that you are best placed to make decisions for the future of your business with greater confidence.


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